Send A Secret Message

So you have something to tell us hey? It doesn’t have to be a confession as such, just a funny drunken story, random thought, question or something else is great. We just want you to be honest. In return we promise never to reveal your identity. In fact we don’t even want to know who you are,  signing with a pseudonym is cool. Use the form below:

NOTE: Messages go directly to us with no tracking information. Not even a “from” field.

    You can also send email directly to if you prefer.

    You could send us text files, word documents, photos (ooo err) or other things too but if you do decide to use an external program to write your opus, be aware you’ll need to delete the sent message afterwards, if you don’t want anyone to find it later.

    Don’t say we didn’t warn you! We will not be coming down the police station to bail you out in the middle of the night, sorry. We like you but you did this to yourself, kthxbai 😉