The following is a collection of poems sent to the show by our anonymous Unattested Poet Laureate. Enjoy them, we did. Who was that masked poet?!

Labours Challenges

A clean campaign they said they fought.
To ordinary people this amounts to naught.
Family Credit, NHS and care for the old.
With climate change policies they were bold.

The fact that labour were defeated
Allows injustice to be repeated.
We won the argument they told their crew.
But righting wrong this will not do.

When in the “reflections” they say are needed.
Ordinary people views they must be heeded.
Also remember with adulation and political fame.
Comes the need to take the blame.

Unlike the Black Night in Python’s Holy Grail
Please be honest and own up when you fail
So listening to the all people is a must
And make appointments that we can trust

For many years a rebel who failed to tow the party line
You act surprised when in your past the media mine
So don’t be surprised if stories don’t endear
And try to pass it off as a smear

Control the message and make information sparse
Will stop you from looking like an arse
A defence of he’s a real nice bloke
Will not satisfy the ordinary folk

The Liberal Challenge

Radical polices set out on opening day
Are a cautionary tail on what you say
Bold statements will indeed make the news
But also result in very strong views

Swinson may have have lost her seat
Over shadowing your big defeat
However this is not the real cost
As shaping the future is now lost

SNP Going Forward

For the SNP independence is the goal
Not remaining in the EU as a whole
This result may give a push
To gain independence in a rush

A note of caution and advice
To consider your actions at least twice
In the three years of this fight
Referendums divide never unite

The Election aftermath

The result may not be what you desired
Leaving you disillusioned and tired
Your faith in people and process may falter
But it is what it is and will not alter

As the saying goes “liars do not prosper”
With their lies distrust they foster
Facts alone were not nearly enough
To counter the message and delivering bluff

Now in power with promises to maintain
Will peoples trust all be in vain?
Will young, old and the poor
Bare the brunt as they did before?

From this week all the actors will be in place
To shape the future we will face
But like good storylines in a soap
No matter the setback there is always hope.

So here is what we all must do
Promote our values remaining true
Creating for all a world that’s just
By banishing lies and mistrust

So ensure you keep the gloom at bay
being of good cheer everyday
Stiff upper lip and never frown
Remember: “Never let the bastards grind you down”