002 – Running Close To The Margins

We’re back! Don’t call it a comeback, we’ve been here for years… ok ok so only one episode previous to this but come on people, work with me here. In this episode we actually have some confessions to read out, 4 to be precise, yeah that’s right 4, count em. We also embrace our usual tangents into stories of our own and pop culture references. There’s talk of how quickly Daredevil would locate an errant dog turd, mystery kitchen fitters, drunken nights out, electric vehicle joy riding and so much more. Pull up a chair and come join us!

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001 – Equal Opportunities Agnostic

Welcome to the first ever episode of Tales Of The Unattested. A podcast where the truth is paramount. In this show we explain a bit about who we are, discuss the best funerals we’ve ever been to, marvel at the joys of liquid presence and much more.

At the time of recording we had no website or email set up. Luckily we’ve fixed that now. So if you want to send us an anonymous confession, story or comment, please do! We want to hear them.

You can head to – http://unattested.podfactory.org/confess

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