009 – Christmas Is In The Gutter (AKA Talkin Saucy)

It’s the Unattested Christmas Special 2018!! A big fat jumbo 93min edition. Things get very saucy as our heroes were in the Christmas spirit and started discussing graphic sexual stuff, yep you read that right. So this is NOT for listening to anywhere you’re worried about who will overhear it. This time: Dan tries to impress a computerised vagina with mixed results, Caz tells some shocking stories, our wonderful listeners share some of there best moments of the year and our heroes discuss their own geeky highlights.

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008 – Top 5 Drag Gnomes

This time our heroes discuss a series of disastrous dating dalliances, one of which includes climbing out of a toilet window and getting caught, we have a series of confessions to mull over from Lugless Douglas, a woman is put in a skip (and this time it’s personal) plus all the usual assorted geekery you’ve come to expect from this show. Finally we finish with an impromptu Kansas City Shuffle. What more could you want? Ok don’t answer that, just take a number and sit down in the waiting area.

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007 – Trouble Accepting A Gay Wizard

Roll up, roll up, it’s time for another Tales Of The Unattested! In episode 7 we dish out some Unattested couples counselling, we debate what film we’d like to live in, we scratch our heads at why people have trouble accepting a gay wizard, and we ask the hard hitting questions – should chips come with chips? It’s an age old dilemma. We also introduce the inaugural episode of Family Chatters (a podcast within a podcast), where Caz surreptitiously records her family having hilarious conversations, the opening topic is Instagram. Meanwhile on the geeky side we talk Venom, Crimes Of Grindelwald, Lucky Number Slevin and much more…

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