045 – The Scottish Song

Caz and Dan are back again with a little pre-Easter jaunt. Our heroes are both off on holiday. Dan to sunny Scotland and Caz to not so sunny Jamaica. They discuss all kinds of nerdy TV and film but also crucial questions like, can you work from home as a wizard? Also, they’ve been approved for a mortgage by someone on the Internet, definitely not a spam that.

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Things we reference this time:

  • Both our heroes are going on trips. Dan to sunny Scotland and Caz to slightly less exotic Jamaica but never mind.
  • Could you work from home as a wizard? This question is discussed.
  • Lots of emails from someone called Anne letting us know we’ve qualified for a mortgage. Thanks Anne but we’ll pass.
  • Dan helped out doing video stuff at a Strictly Come Dancing charity event.
  • Caz went to the education conference BETT in London where she picked up COVID as well, a completely free gift.
  • Caz has been watching the Brendan Fraser Mummy films from her sickbed.
  • She is also slightly obsessed with Moon Knight, the new Marvel show on Disney+. It led her into all things Egyptian.
  • Our heroes discuss their thoughts on the first episode of Moon Knight.
  • Dan has been to The Batman and quite enjoyed it.
  • Caz is really excited for Dr Strange & The Multiverse Of Madness which is getting closer.
  • Dan is watching Killing Eve season 4, the final series.
  • He is also watching the long awaited season 3 of Atlanta.
  • Caz really enjoyed Pam & Tommy from Starz.

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