042 – Graham Norton’s Incredible Hulk

It’s been a long long time but finally Caz and Dan are back! This time they discuss almost a years worth of film and TV,  they ask what’s happened to Marvel Studios movie output lately? Discuss Graham Norton playing the Incredible Hulk and much more silliness. We hope you enjoy it and we’re glad to be back.

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Things we reference this time:

  • We begin with a brief discussion of Matrix Resurrections.
  • Caz asks what is going on with Marvel and their movie output now?
  • Neither Caz or Dan were impressed with Eternals or Shang Chi particularly.
  • Is the Disney+ Marvel TV output now better than the movies?
  • Caz is excited by the Moon Knight trailer, or Ghost Knight as she mistakenly calls it

  • She is also excited by the trailer for the upcoming Morbius film from Sony.
  • Caz rewatched the series Legion now that it’s on Disney+
  • Caz isn’t impressed with the revival of Dexter as Dexter: New Blood and neither is Dan
  • Dan is enjoying the new DC series Peacemaker which was a surprise to him.
  • Caz got into a series called Hilda via her daughter. There is a film on Netflix called Hilda And The Mountain King.
  • Caz has been watching the Sex & The City follow up And Just Like That, she is not impressed at all.
  • Dan watched the live action version of Cowboy Bebop on Netflix and really liked it.
  • Also from Netflix Caz has watched Archive 81 and really recommends it.
  • Dan uses Trakt.tv to track his watching, Caz uses an app called Just Watch which makes recommendations and also tracks her series.
  • Caz watched the film The Night Room and says it’s creepy.
  • She started to watch Around The World In 80 Days but stopped, Dan enjoyed it and encourages her to carry on.
  • Caz’ daughter made her watch iZombie which she quite enjoyed.
  • Dan is now living with 2 budgies, Jake and Elwood. You may hear some background tweeting during the show.
  • Our heroes discuss Dune, one of the biggest films of last year.
  • Dan and Caz discuss going to see Ghostbusters Afterlife together.
  • Both our heroes are enjoying the Book Of Boba Fett series.
  • Dan has been reading the Discworld novels by Terry Pratchett and particularly enjoys whenever Death turns up.
  • Caz is waiting for series 2 of Good Omens which is currently being made apparently.
  • David Tennent and Michael Sheen have been asked to make a third season of Staged.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Dan recommends people watch Peacemaker, Caz recommends Archive 81 as her pick.

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