039 – The 2 Metres Apart Pod

It’s been over 3 months since our heroes recorded in the same location but episode 39 marks that day. With extra long mic cables, disinfected pop shields, rubber gloves and a large dose of social distancing. They marvel at Naked Attraction, Dan recommends Dating Amber, Caz loves Underwater and is on a binge of boxing films. Oh and apparently being a dickhead is still cool.

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Things we reference this time:

  • Our heroes are in the same location for the first time in over 3 months due to COVID-19 lockdown. In this case at opposite ends of the room and safely socially distanced but it’s good to be able to see each other again (from a distance).
  • Shortly before recording Caz introduced Dan to “Being A Dickhead’s Cool” by Reuben Dangoor. Another meme from 10 years ago that Dan missed. They discuss the song.
  • Caz was introduced to the TV show Naked Attraction by GoggleBox, the horror of that is discussed.
  • She has also taken up watching boxing films lately. Suggestions (other than Rocky) are welcome. This is in an attempt to psych herself up for a new fitness regime.
  • Caz watched Southpaw, the Jake Gyllenhaal movie.
  • Caz mentions the Netflix series You and recommends it, Dan meant to watch it but never got around to it. The star of the series Chris D’Elia has been in hot water over his advances to underage girls and his harassment of young women.
  • Caz was recommended the film 365 Days by a friend and says it’s basically just softcore porn from Netflix. Her summary “A strange little film, very very graphic, not much plot!”, which tells us all we need to know.
  • Caz watched the new Disney+ film Artemis Fowl and hated it. She really is not a fan. So much so that now Dan is intrigued to see what it’s like.
  • By contrast she really liked Underwater, a new film starring Kristen Stewart.
  • Underwater film poster
  • UNATTESTED FILM CLUB: Dan has a new film as the second suggestion for our film club. Dating Amber is a lovely little film about 2 teenagers dealing with coming of age and homosexuality in mid 90s Ireland. It’s available on Amazon Prime in the UK so give it a watch and send us your thoughts.
  • Both of our heroes watched the new comedy series Space Force with Steve Carell, John Malcovich and more. Seeing him made her go back and rewatch Being John Malcovich.
  • Our heroes then discuss the work of screenwriter Charlie Kaufmann. Being John Malcovich, Adaptation, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind and more. He has a new film due out on Netflix called I’m Thinking Of Ending Things.
  • Dan has been watching Patriot Act with Hasan Minaj and also Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. Both brilliant but he feels John Oliver is still the best at this kind of thing.
  • Caz watched Staged the Michael Sheen & David Tennant comedy filmed entirely during lockdown.
  • Dan has been keeping up to date with Harley Quinn season 2 and is enjoying it very much.
  • Our heroes watched the first Unattested Film Club entry 2036: Origin Unknown and didn’t like it very much. It felt confusing and unsatisfying, the ending made no sense at all. So not exactly recommended. It made Dan want to see Moon again with Sam Rockwell, a vastly superior film.
  • Dan is enjoying the new series of Q.I from the BBC.
  • He is also watching the new (and final) season of Agents Of SHIELD but isn’t quite convinced how good it will be yet. Caz checked out the first episode and is also intrigued.
  • Both our heroes watched and were horrified by the Netflix documentary Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich. It’s very well made but not an easy watch and so sad for all the victims. The most worrying thing is it feels like he was just part of a larger problem and who else could be involved.
  • Caz mentions a film that covers a Harvey Weinstein type character which seems pretty fitting. It’s called The Assistant and it’s due out soon.
  • A couple of emails to finish off with…
  • NoPhoneNoGroanNoMoan writes to tell us about Eureka and how it managed to be so well planned that the first episode features parts of the last episode, although you don’t realise until the end obviously. It was titled A Town Called Eureka in the UK.
  • AintNoRegretWhenYoureTooOldToForget emailed about Dan’s recent milestone birthday to offer a different way of looking at birthdays in general.

FILM CLUB REMINDER: Our film this time is Dating Amber on Amazon Prime so please have a watch and send us your thoughts. Thank you!

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