038 – Late Night Twitter Massive

It’s time for episode 38 which finds our heroes still experiencing lockdown life and all that entails. Caz got plants while Dan just got old, with a recent milestone birthday. Caz asks the question, when did we hit peak Pacino? Plus much more geeky TV and film stuff is discussed.

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Things we reference this time:

  • Our heroes discuss lockdown and how it’s going.
  • Caz got plants.
  • Dan got old(er) as he turned 40 recently
  • Caz has been rewatching the series Hannibal with her school film club
  • Our heroes discuss the prospect of being able to meet in groups of up to 6, remember “don’t touch anything!” which seems like good advice.
  • Dan feels old but Caz doesn’t believe in age, she stopped counting years ago. Just pretend it’s your birthday every day
  • Dan is having a hard time with lockdown, he’s well and truly fed up with it now
  • Caz is enjoying the break from everyone
  • Dan worries about when we’ll be able to attend gigs and events again. His ticket collection has stagnated.
  • Caz says nostalgia is the enemy, there was nothing before lockdown, that’s her coping strategy and it seems to be working better so far.
  • Caz recommends the book Atomic Habits by James Clear to help build routines and manage time.
  • Mandalorian Season 2 is coming later in 2020 filming concluded just before lock down. Will we find out where Baby Yoda came from? Who or what he/she is? Katee Sackhoff in Mandalorian season 2 along with Jango Fett actor Temuera Morrison.
  • Rosario Dawson will star as Ashoka Tano.
  • Timothy Olyphant is also on board and it’s reported he will wear the Boba Fett armour.
  • Mock up of Timothy Olphant in Boba Fett armour
  • Dan recently rewatched and really enjoyed The Last Jedi.
  • Caz watched Katee Sackhoff in a film called 2036: Origin Unknown which kicks off an idea for an Unattested Film Club. So our first film will be 2036: Origin Unknown, it can be found on Netflix if you’d like to watch it and send us your thoughts. We’ll discuss it in a future show.
  • Dan thinks he has a solution to how cinemas can work in the post COVID world. A return to drive in cinemas. Who knows where things will go after this.
  • Both our heroes have been watching Killing Eve season 3 which is coming to a conclusion soon.
  • Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj is back and it’s as great as ever. Cutting through some deep issues with laughs on the way.
  • Caz has gotten Dan into Gogglebox and he’s watching it as well. It’s surprisingly good.
  • Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D has started again and Dan is cautiously optimistic this series might be quite good. The jury is out as there’s only been one episode so far.
  • He’s also been watching Rick and Morty, Harley Quinn and Hunters from Amazon starring Al Pacino.
  • Caz has a question, when did Al Pacino hit peak Pacino?
  • Zack Snyder is returning to complete his version of Justice League. The mythical “Snyder Cut”. Paid for by HBO Max. There seems to be a lot different, including Darkseid. The version we saw was only 25% of his original movie.
  • An image of Darkseid from Zack Snyder's new justice league
  • Ruby Rose quits Batwoman. Even though it’s been renewed for season 2. How do they replace the title character of the show?
  • Caz has been watching On My Block after it was recommended by some of her school kids. You can find it on Netflix.
  • She has also been looking forward to Brassic season 2 on SKY.
  • Caz is also waiting to watch Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich the new Netflix documentary.
  • Our heroes look forward to Russian Doll season 2 which has been confirmed but we don’t know the release date yet.

FILM CLUB REMINDER: Our film this time is 2036: Origin Unknown from Netflix so please have a watch and send us your thoughts. Thank you!

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