037 – Bark Corona Away

Episode 37 is upon us, the second recorded remotely in Corona lockdown by our heroes. They discuss lockdown life, random YouTubers, Sylvia Jacobs advice to “eat sardines”, the perilous future of cinemas and their battle with Universal over showing films at home. Plus much more.

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Things we reference this time:

  • Caz recommends Leon Lush’s channel on YouTube
  • Dan has been watching a BBC documentary about girls selling pictures through sites like OnlyFans and the perils of that life. It’s called Nudes4Sale
  • Twitter feedback: What box sets are you watching? Pete The Sheet — “Scrubs while heartily jumping on the “fake doctors, real friends” bandwagon”. Apparently this is a Scrubs podcastDan learned later. They rewatch all the episodes from the start. And our good friend Alex who jokingly put Camberwick Green as a box set.
  • Our heroes discuss what the perfect length for a series is, how many seasons is too many? Some shows go on way past their best.
  • Speaking of comfort box sets, Dan has been rewatching all of Justified on Amazon.
  • Caz is considering a full rewatch of Fringe or possibly Heroes.
  • Our duo both watched the end of Westworld Season 3 and guess what, they have thoughts.
  • Our secret third co-host OddSock (Caz’s dog) makes a brief appearance on the show during the Westworld talk.
  • Caz has given her staff film club Bandersnatch to watch from Netflix. The Black Mirror adventure game interactive film.
  • Westworld makers debunk 6 season plan rumour
  • Caz joined Farset Labs InfoSec peeps (including friend of the show Bolster) to watch Hackers.
  • Caz has been watching Drain The Oceans on Disney+
  • Our duo discuss the fate of cinemas in the post pandemic world. Odeon has already drawn swords against Universal and is refusing to show their films in future.
  • Caz has gotten really into GoggleBox and loved their reaction to Boris Johnson’s return speech – https://youtu.be/rBNqY-O9_Zk
  • Photo of Giles & Mary from Googlebox
    Giles & Mary from Gogglebox
  • Dan has been watching: Last Week Tonight, Legends Of Tomorrow, The Flash, Supergirl and he watched season 6 of Bosch but wasn’t that impressed.
  • He also watched the new episode of Rick & Morty.
  • The Harley Quinn cartoon has come to regular TV in the UK.
  • Aaron Paul rumoured to be in the running for Batman role opposite Joaquin Phoenix Joker. Who would we cast from Breaking Bad?
  • More Bat-news. A look at the main cast and characters for the upcoming The Batman movie. What do we think? Who would we cast?
  • Andy Serkis to raise money for NHS by reading all of The Hobbit online. 12 hours non stop. If you were to do this what book would you choose?
  • We finish with a clip of St Martin Prime Minister Sylvia Jacobs advice to her residents for coping with lockdown “If you can’t get the bread that you like… eat crackers! Eat cereal!”

Dan couldn’t work out how to remove her video from the call at first and it looked like we had her in a conference call 😀

Screenshot of the liver recording call where it looks like Sylvia Jacobs is also on the line
A screenshot of the call

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