036 – Locked Up Life with Danny Dyer

Episode 36 and it’s our first remotely recorded pod, so you’ll hear a slight difference. Caz and Dan connected using something called The Internet (it’ll never catch on) to discuss lockdown life, their various ailments, the pillow challenge, NHS super heroes, plus a bunch of TV and film geekiness as usual.

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Things we reference this time:

    • Our heroes begin by debating whether lockdown life now feels more like it’s being directed by David Lynch or Lars Von Trier either way it’s a bit weird.
    • If by some crazy chance you live in a part of the world that isn’t in lock down right now please write and tell us where you are.
    • Dan turns 40 in May and it looks like lock down will still be on. He’s had to cancel a special holiday he had planned.
    • Caz has feels like she’s almost reached the end of Netflix we await to find out who the final boss is.
    • Dan has also managed to trap a nerve in his back and has been immobilised a while but is slowly getting better.
    • Caz has gone feral and all sense of time and schedule has been lost. She has invented her own time zone. Loosely dubbed Caroline’s Sleeping Format (CSF). She’s been grinding her teeth with stress and had to resort to a mouth guard or as she puts it a “sexy horse outfit” which sounds much better.
    • Caz attempts to explain The Pillow Challenge to Dan while he looks up the emails. Apparently this is a thing now where celebrities take off their clothes and take photos of themselves just wearing a pillow, WTF?
    • Celebrities wearing pillows for the pillow challenge
      Some examples of the pillow challenge
    • Email from: TalesOfTheUnderrated wrote to tell us they found [a website which helps explain The Witcher from netflix – https://witchernetflix.com/It has an interactive timeline and map.
    • Yorkshire Tyke emailed us a suggestion in the form of Ragnarok from Netflix. Caz has seen this and vouches for it.
    • Matt wrote to suggest some tools that may help with remote recording of the podcast. He suggests StreamYard and SoundTrap.
    • Caz talks about her film club with staff from work. Also mentions a tweet someone sent with a drawing off all the superheroes saluting NHS workers. But apparently people don’t know who Doctor Manhattan is.
    • Superherpes salute medical staff
      The picture Caz references
    • Dan mentions Super Gran, mostly as an excuse to play the theme tune by Billy Connelly at the end of the show.
    • Dazz on Twitter recommended Tales From The Loop on Amazon which our heroes are yet to watch.
    • Dan marvels at the fact Caz knows someone called “Pat Catspiss why wouldn’t you change your name in that situation?!
    • Dan watched the new feature length Red Dwarf episode and quite liked it.
    • Both our heroes watched the new High Fidelity series but the film and book are particularly significant for Caz.
    • The new season 3 of Westworld has also been on the watchlist. It’s getting tense. Now it has 100% more Jesse Pinkman too.
    • Dan is watching and enjoying Better Call Saul which seemed like it was due to finish after 5 seasons but can’t be after the season finale.
    • He’s also been watching Dark Side Of The Ring, a documentary series about the strange and often quite tragic tales that surround the world of professional wrestling.
    • Dan is rewatching all of Community off Netflix and rediscovering the magic of the early seasons. “Troy and Abed in the morning!!”.

    • Harley Quinn season 2 has already started and Dan is loving the show as usual. Caz is yet to try it.
    • Brooklyn Nine-Nine also continues to go strong.
    • Dan’s recent films: The Gentleman by Guy Ritchie and The Banker. Both worth a watch but the Banker is probably the better of the two.
    • Caz like everyone else in the world watched Tiger King. Dan being odd still hasn’t seen it.
    • She has also been watching The Innocent Files but gave up on After Life by Ricky Gervais.
    • Caz was terrified (in a good way) by a horror thing called Mercy Black. She plans to watch Mr Robot again from the start.
    • Caz is watching every pandemic film she can find, which seems appropriate at the moment.
    • Caz watchlist: Time Trap, Last Week Tonight, The Daily Show, Saturday Night Live.
    • Caz has taken the plunge and got Disney+ now, in an attempt to counteract some of the depressing stuff she normally watches.
    • She is in love with The World According To Jeff Goldblum at the moment.
    • Caz also recommends Thom Yorke’s Anima from Netflix even though it’s only short.

Right that’s your lot, so as we say in Liverpool… do one will ya! But before you do please remember to send us your thoughts, feelings, complaints, confessions or anything else to unattestedpod@gmail.com or use the anonymous form on the website.Now get out of our shop! ….and please come again 😉