035 – Butch Sexy Men

WARNING – This episode was recorded before the Coronavirus isolation rules came into force. Protect yourselves and others by staying home and not spreading germs. We will look at remote pod recording solutions in future to do our part. Thanks everyone 🙂

Episode 35, after something of a long gap our heroes are back never fear. This was recorded 2-3 weeks ago but it’s a rambling discussion of many things TV, film, comics and pop culture. Dan is more excitable and probably caffeinated than normal on this one, apologies, he is also preoccupied with butch sexy men it seems. Caz is very patient. Maybe listen at a lower speed if you feel the need hehe.

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Things we reference this time:

  • Altered Carbon – Both our heroes are excited by the new season 2
  • Caz tells us about the war between Disney+ & Netflix. She is excited that Netflix has announced they have secured all of the Miyazayki back catalogue, Studio Ghibli.
  • DVD Cover for Spirited Away movie
    Spirited Away – A classic of the Anime world.
  • Our heroes went to see Spirited Away in a special cinema screening.
  • Dan is a culture vulture who recently went to see a Japanese drawing exhibition at the World Museum in Liverpool.
  • Caz watched Locke & Key on Netflix, a new comic book adaptation.
  • Dan gets enthusiastic about comic books and steam rolls Caz with the story of Money Shot, a supposed sex comic he bought recently. Issue one review here. Bottom line is it’s not bad but there really isn’t any sex in it. So he was disappointed. More fool him for thinking a mainstream (ish) comic would have proper sex scenes.
  • money shot comic cover (small)
    Money shot issue 1 cover, small
  • Caz talks about Doctor Who and Torchwood, Captain Jack Harkness appearing in the main series again. This brings up discussion of quadro-sexuals and what the hell that means.
  • Caz loves Inside No 9, particularly Reece Shearsmith she describes him as a “guilty pleasure” whatever that means. Lucky him we say 😉
  • Caz also enjoyed the recent BBC version of Agatha Christie’s The Pale Horse. Dan watched and enjoyed it too.
  • Knives Out – Talk of murder mysteries makes Dan think of the film and now Caz has seen it they can discuss properly. They love the cast and the whole film in general. Daniel Craig, Jamie Lee Curtis and the whole ensemble. Plus Captain America’s Chris Evans. You should watch it if you like a murder mystery with style and humour.
  • Caz enjoyed Gone Girl, Dan hasn’t seen it yet. Even though it’s old. Its on his long list of things to watch
  • Dan loved the recent Luc Besson film Anna. It’s a Besson film about a girl who is badly treated but ultimately kicks ass. So you know it’s gonna be good. Nuff said. Dan is also slightly obsessed with
  • Our heroes went to see Birds Of Prey, speaking of kick ass girls. Margot Robbie is amazing as Harley but the film isn’t quite as good as they’d hoped. A million times better than Suicide Squad though. So keep that in mind.
  • Caz loved You from Netflix. She also enjoyed The Professor with Johnny Depp. This leads to more sexy men talk, Dan is in a very chatty mood. They also chat sexy women, they are just all over the place. Caz suggests the title “Sexy TV or sexy pop culture”.
  • K-12 is something Caz recommends by a great young female singer, Melanie Martinez.
  • Deadwater Fell is one of Caz’s favourite things. Caz loves David Tennant. She wants to know if Jessica Jones could come back, which he was also in, time will tell I guess.
  • There is a brief mention of the Coronavirus, which obviously you can’t avoid in the news these days. In the couple of weeks since this was recorded things have gotten even crazier on that front obviously. If it doesn’t seem to get much mention please remember this was recorded early in March 2020. This was recorded quite near the main British quarantine site in Merseyside, UK.
  • Talk turns quickly to The Political Compass which is really interesting if you’ve never done the test. Dan is a Left-Libertarian and Caz is more Left-Authoritarian, neither of which is that surprising if you know us.

  • Now it’s gone very political and a lot less sexy, sorry about that. Our heroes discuss controversial UK political mogul Dominic Cummings and Caz has sympathy for his views on some things. Here is a paper he wrote from 2013 which outlines some of his thoughts – https://static.guim.co.uk/ni/1381763590219/-Some-thoughts-on-education.pdf up to you whether you decide you have time to read that though, full disclosure Dan hasn’t read it hehe 😉 His personal blog can be found here.
  • Dan still has “sexy men” on his brain and wants to talk about possibly his favourite actor of all time Paul Newman. He has been watching The Sting and many others like Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid. He is now kind of obsessed with Butch Cassidy, one of Dan’s many dubious heroes.

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