034 – What Is Middle Aged Now Anyway?

Time for another new episode in which out heroes discuss what age is middle aged these days anyway? How is David Jason still alive? The perils of having a name that can be associated with a famous song, lots of TV and film, books, an email from our Scandinavian correspondent and much more. We hope you enjoy listening.

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Things we reference this time:

  • Caz is dismayed by the photos from the set of the new BBC America adaptation of The Watch by Terry Pratchett. She thinks they look too emo and Dan thinks they look like members of Depeche Mode. What do you reckon? (see below)
  • A set photo from the new BBC America production of The Watch
    The photo in question
  • Dan wonders how old David Jason must be now, because we mentioned The Hogfather. Caz thinks 79 is middle ages these days.
  • Caz is worried about the quality of writing coming out of the BBC right now and cites Doctor Who as a prime example. The writing on the current series has been a bit weak.
  • Out heroes discuss their lack of enthusiasm for the current collection of companions on Doctor Who. Caz feels they were better in previous series. Dan was a big fan of Matha Jones and the actress who played her Freema Agyeman. “Meeeeeee and Mrs… Mrs Jones!!!” 😀
  • Caz is in love with Deadwater Fell right now and encourages everyone to watch it.
  • One BBC show that Dan is enjoying at the moment is The Trial Of Christine Keeler which is based on the events in The Profumo Affair, as it became known. A 1960s political scandal.
  • Caz brings up the recent news that Prince Harry and his wife Meghan are leaving Royal duties behind to move to Canada and basically “do one” as we say in Liverpool.
  • Dan recommends the BBC The News Quiz from BBC Radio 4, it’s great, you can get it in podcast form too which is how he consumes it.
  • Caz mentions some things coming soon: Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina season 2 & the new Bond film. She has rewatched all the Daniel Craig Bond films and reminded herself how good he is.
  • She also went to see Once Upon A Time In Hollywood which has returned to cinemas because of the Oscar nominations.
  • Caz has also been watching Sex Education on Netflix, season 2 is just out.
  • Neither of our heroes can get into The Witcher, it’s just not very good. The only good thing in it is Henry Cavill’s ass and that’s not enough to make a whole series out of.
  • Dan got tickets to see a preview screening of Bombshell, the new film starring Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie to name just a few. All on top form.
  • Dan watched the first series of Treadstone. The Jason Bourne linked drama that isn’t allowed to mention Jason Bourne.
  • Crisis On Infinite Earths the epic CW Arrowverse crossover event has finished and it’s really good. Dan enjoyed it a lot.
  • Caz wants to talk about the ending of Mr Robot, unsure whether it was properly covered before. Dan is confused. There follows a long explanation which you might enjoy if you were also confused.
  • Dan watched Louis Theroux: Selling Sex a new documentary.
  • We have another email from our mysterious Scandinavian friend. We presume it was from them but it anonymous so I guess the show is living up to it’s title. The tell us about a Danish film starring Mads Mikkelsen called Pusher. We love a bit of Mads. They also tell us there is a film about the author Astrid Lindgreen, it’s called Becoming Astrid.
  • Our heroes then discuss books. Dan is still reading Gomorrah. Caz is waiting to get a book called David & Goliath about the tech industry.
  • Dan recommends Hive.co.uk for searching independent book shops and buying online. Caz is already a fan too.
  • Dan is also reading Adventures In The Screen Trade by William Goldman and Stephen King On Writing. Caz has read the Stephen King one and recommends it.
  • We finish with a diet update and some vegan notes.

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