032 – Kind Of A Big Deal

A bumper pre-Christmas episode where we discuss lots of TV and movie geekery but also have a long philosophical discussion about mental health and much more. Deep huh? We also talk about His Dark Materials, the end of Man In The High Castle, and play some hilarious audio from our good friend Alex.

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Things we reference this time:

    • It was Caz’s birthday the day after we recorded this and she didn’t even remember.
    • Dan talks about his recent video production work as that seems to be getting more serious. He is in love with Shotcut, a Free Open Source video editor that works on all platforms and does a really good job. Check it out.
    • After a long explanation we play some audio from our good friend Alex Lennon who recorded a voice over for the DOES Liverpool Xmas decoration workshop advert video. He is our very own Ron Burgundy and takes the role to heart as he sent audio of himself saying lines from the film to great comic effect.

  • Caz has been watching The Movies That Made Us off Netflix and this leads into a discussion of shambolic movie making.
  • Caz also thinks that Keanu Reeves is the modern day Bruce Willis which leads to a disagreement about when he started doing action films. Dan maintains he’s always done action films, it’s just that John Wick has been so big recently. Speed was definitely an action film, Point Break too. He does do a lot of other stuff outside the action genre though it’s true.
  • Mention of Jon Favreau brings Dan onto The Mandalorian which he is absolutely loving at the moment. It’s a half hour series from Disney+ about a bounty hunter set between the end of Return Of The Jedi and the rise of the First Order in The Force Awakens.
  • Speaking of Star Wars, Caz is excited for The Rise Of Skywalker which hits cinemas very soon. Dan wants to see it but is less thrilled about it being constantly advertised as “then end of Star Wars”, we all know it’s not the end. They’ll be making another one next week, for as long as people will pay to see them.
  • Both our heroes watch The War Of The Worlds, the new adaptation from the BBC. It was filmed in Liverpool which obviously we are 100% behind even if it wasn’t very good to be honest.
  • Both our heroes have also been watching His Dark Materials which is from the BBC too. Dan really likes it but Caz is less impressed having read the books.
  • Caz has been watching American Horror Story and really enjoying it. She’s also looking forward to the new series of How To Get Away With Murder.
  • Dan recently watched Moana and really got into it. More his level probably. Great songs, great voice acting. He gives it 2 thumbs up.
  • Caz watched Christopher Robin and was sobbing over a fictional bear, she recommends it. Dan mentions the other Christopher Robin film that came out around the same time a couple of years ago and he really enjoyed, Goodbye Christopher Robin.
  • The movie poster for Goodby Christopher Robin which Dan recommends
  • Both our heroes watched the end of The Man In The High Castle recently and have plenty of thoughts on it.
  • Caz is still predicting a time travel based ending for Mr Robot which is drawing to a close now.
  • The recent events of Mr Robot lead us into a long philosophical discussion of mental health, abuse and the consequences of all that. Caz talks from personal experience on this and recommends the film Spotlight. Also the series Tell Me Who I Am From Netflix.
  • At the end of the long discussion Dan burns through a quick list of things that also needed to be mentioned:
    • Rick & Morty season 3 is amazing as ever, watch it!
    • Watchman, Dan is a big fan of the series. Dan also
    • Zombieland 2 recently and enjoyed it, despite show crappy reviews. It’s a silly funny zombie film, what do you expect?
    • Titans season 2 has just finished and Dan recommends it, they have Krypto the Super dog, come on people!!
    • Dolemite Is My Name – A netflix original film with Eddie Murphy that Dan enjoyed.
    • Shaun The Sheep Framaggedon – Is a lot of fun
    • Terminator: Dark Fate is not so much fun but Caz hasn’t seen it yet so I guess we’ll wait to discuss that.

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