030 – The Country Not The Shop

Episode 30 and our heroes are cranky. Possibly because it’s early in the morning but also Caz is annoyed that nobody liked the graphs she spent a whole day making. Where’s the Friday Night Graph Crew at?! Nevertheless a good discussion is had about politics, living in other countries, Steig Larsson, unrealistic representations of computer hackers and much more. Dig in, and for god sake don’t mention the graphs! I mentioned it once but I think I got away with it 😉

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Things we reference this time:

  • Caz is pissed off because she spent a whole day doing a load of analysis on political adverts and making graphs… and nobody liked them on Twitter. Don’t underestimate how much rage this can create!
  • An example of Caz graph work
    An example of Caz graph work
  • It’s early in the morning on this recording and both our heroes are feeling (and sounding) a little ropey after not much sleep and definitely not enough coffee.
  • Caz is going vegan and made Dan also watch The Game Changers with her from Netflix. All her family are already vegan so it’s not that big a change. She was the hold out.
  • Dan is confused about where vegan cheese comes from, is it soya milk or something? WTF?
  • Caz watched The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and is confused by the naming of the series and also the number of different versions. This leads our heroes to do some research and discuss Swedish author Steig Larrson and his Millennium trilogy at length.
  • Caz watched The Fifth Estate where Julian Assange is played by Benedict Cumberbatch. This leads to a discussion of Wikileaks and comparison between Assange and Edward Snowden.
  • Caz mentions the Russian hacker turned professional model Anna Chapman who proposed to Snowden on Twitter apparently. He already has a serious long term partner who came to live with him in Russia eventually though.
  • Former Russian spy Anna Chapman
    Anna Chapman
  • Our heroes discuss the realism (or more accurately lack of it) in depictions of computers and hacking in films and TV. Caz has issues with the last Mr Robot where they 3D print an intricate item in about 20mins. Dan maintains that while this is inaccurate at least it’s a very small problem with a show that usually works so hard to depict real events.
  • Kids from Iceland (the country not the shop) are shit at jokes apparently. Caz relates some tales from her daughter living over there.
  • Dan mentions the Museum of Iceland has the last ever McDonalds sold in the country as one of the exhibits. Caz has seen it.
  • Caz then tells us about food in Iceland (again, not the shop ok).
  • Speaking of shops though, things Caz misses about Iceland. Drive-thru shops apparently and also unattended robot bars that stay open all night. That does sound pretty cool you have to admit.
  • Dan’s Norwegian memories are interrupted by the fact Caz keeps looking at her phone and finds some breaking news about Boris Johnson.
  • Dan and Caz both watched The Laundromat and really enjoyed it. It’s on Netflix in the UK right now. It stars Meryl Streep, Gary Oldman, Geoffrey Wright and a host of other big names.
  • We have included the very long rambling pre-show at the end. Around 20mins of it, so you can get the context for how upset Caz is about her graphs 😀

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