029 – Heading For A Tepid War

Episode 29, a special Halloween recording… special in that we didn’t really do anything different but it was recorded on Halloween sorry. We mention horror films a bit more and have a long discussion about the dangers of artificial intelligence. Plus lots of geekery: Joker, Unnatural Selection, Demon Seed, the Watchmen TV series, Mr Robot and much more are discussed. Dig in!

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Things we reference this time:

  • Our heroes begin by talking about their busy time lately running the OggCamp 2019 conference in Manchester. The 20th birthday of the event no less.
  • OggCamp19 logo
  • They also discuss Dan’s terrible dancing.
  • Caz has managed to mess up her teeth again. This time losing a cap on a Curly Wurly, here chocolatey nemesis.
  • Curly Wurly chocolate bar
  • Halloween and Bonfire Night are then chewed over. Trying to explain Guy Fawkes to foreign friends and failing.
  • Politics is back on the agenda next as the Trump impeachment is mentioned and also the latest antics from Boris Johnson in the UK.
  • Are we heading for a Tepid War? It’s like a cold war but it’s been left a bit too close to the radiator for a bit.
  • Dan went to a gig by Self Esteem at Liverpool Central Library and had many apples forced on him by the sponsors Pink Lady. They were nice apples but he had to bring some home for another day. They seemed keen to offload them and not have to take them back to HQ he suspects. You can check out the Self Esteem website here.
  • Dan went to see Joker and a long discussion ensues about the merits of the film. Is it worth all the hype? It doesn’t seem like it and Caz debates what makes good film anyway.
  • Caz watched Another Life and thinks it might be the worst Netflix series ever made. Safe to say it didn’t go down well.
  • Sam Esmail the creator of Mr Robot has signed up to do another Battlestar Galactica series but we don’t know exactly what that means yet. It’s not a remake or a reboot they say.
  • Speaking of Mr Robot, season 4 is continuing to be great. Both our heroes are enjoying it a lot.
  • Man In The High Castle is coming back for another season very soon.
  • Dan has been watching the new Watchmen TV series from HBO and relates some thoughts on that.
  • Caz wants Altered Carbon to come back, good news for her is season 2 is on the way.
  • Patriot Act with Hassan Minhaj is due back on Netflix soon but the way they work out their season numbers is crazy. Already up to season 5 and it’s only been on for a year!!
  • Dan watched the Paul Rudd clone comedy Living With Yourself and enjoyed it. Caz is yet to watch.
  • Caz watched a series on bio-hackers from Netflix called Unnatural Selection.
  • Talk turns to horror films for Halloween. Dan isn’t a big fan of horror, too much of a chicken for that, but Caz is a big fan. Dan likes the classics like the Peter Cushing Dracula and the Universal Monsters.
  • Caz watched a scary film about a girl who is convinced to kill people by the A.I in her phone. It’s called A.M.I.
  • Dan mentions the film Upgrade which our heroes watched last year and how that could be classed as a horror.
  • This leads to discussion of artificial intelligence and the dangers of it. Caz is worried about people asking their assistants how to kill people and our heroes have a discussion with Dan’s Google Home. It doesn’t have any useful tips.
  • All this discussion leads Dan to think of the classic Sci-Fi horror Demon Seed from 1977. In which a woman is trapped in her house by an evil A.I powered robot.
  • As this was recorded on October 31st there’s more Brexit talk to finish up with. Is Boris Johnson “dead in a ditch” as he famously said he would be rather than extend the deadline? Sadly not. More lies from a habitual liar, not surprising. All the jargon and new made up words around this are confusing at best.
  • Last minute diet update: Dan has now lost 1 stone, that’s 14 pounds, not bad going but there’s a lot more to go yet. Can he make it another stone by New Year?!! The tension is palpable.

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