027 – Cocaine Serious Is Too Serious

Episode 27 is here but thankfully we’re not in the 27 Club. Dan updates us on his diet efforts, Caz updates us on #5amTeacherClub and there’s a ton of interesting feedback and confessions involving cocaine, women’s clothes and Halloween shenanigans. We also get geeky about politics, space travel and just how bad Rambo: Last Blood really is. So press play to find out more.

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Things we reference this time:

  • We kick off the show on a cheerful note as Dan mentions the 27 Club, a mythical group of actors, singers, artists and others who all died at 27. Big names include Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse.
  • Dan went to see the new Rambo film and wishes he hadn’t. Good lord it’s bad. Rambo: Last Blood is 90mins of your life you’ll never get back.
  • Dan also went to see a film called Hustlers which was much better than Rambo and has an incredible performance by Jennifer Lopez. Seriously possible Oscar nomination stuff.
  • Not to be out done, Caz went to see Ad Astra and fell asleep for the first 20 minutes but apparently was still able to work out exactly what was going on.
  • Then it’s straight into the email as we discuss and email we had from Brandon.
  • We continue the discussion on actors “aging out” of Hollywood, or on the flip side of that, holding on and not letting younger stars some through possibly.
  • Talk turns to discussion of movie violence and the new film Joker which is causing concern. Dan mentions that it will not be shown in the cinema where the 2013 shootings took place.
  • More emails to discuss and this time we have a confession. Cocaine serious is too serious, it seems like it. We enjoyed this a lot, thank you.
  • Caz attempted to watch Dexter but gave up after one season because she found it too slow.
  • However, she did really enjoy the new British comedy Brassic. She also enjoyed You, Me and The Apocalypse.
  • Dan looks up the phrase Season Of The Witch and discovers it’s a pretty awful sounding film from 2011 with Nick Cage and Ron Perlman.
  • Dan’s Diet Update: new section possibly. Dan has lost 7lbs in about 4 weeks and is reasonably pleased with that but has a long way to go. Especially if he’s going to complete his “Star-Lord style transformation” as he puts it.
  • Caz wants some Halloween horror film recommendations since it’s coming up to that season again.
  • Dan talks about his “entirely rational” fear of sharks and asks whether Jaws is a horror film? It’s a classic whatever you say.
  • We have another email from the wonderfully named Pickle My Parsnips about the never ending horror that is Brexit. This leads to yet more Boris Johnson chat, joy! One of his latest controversies is gripping a female journalist inappropriately under a table. This is our Prime Minister, doesn’t it make you proud?
  • This all leads us back to discussion of Donald Trump’s recent meltdown during a White House visit by the President Of Finland.
  • The President Of Finland looks about as impressed with Trump as everyone else feels
  • Caz mentions the epic Greta Thunberg Support Helpline video.
  • Dan loves her new Swedish death metal stylings. She tweeted “Enough of this climate stuff, from now on I only do death metal”.

Right that’s your lot, so as we say in Liverpool… do one will ya! But before you do please remember to send us your thoughts, feelings, complaints, confessions or anything else to unattestedpod@gmail.com or use the anonymous form on the website.Now get out of our shop! ….and please come again 😉