026 – #VanLife

It’s episode 26 and this time we have another confession from an old friend. Luglass Douglass rides again with a tales of office football and stolen chocolate. We also have a lot of feedback on US politics from our heroes discuss how they are making life changes. Caz is trying to get up at 5am and fancies a bit of #VanLife possibly. Dan is on a diet and has challenged himself to lose 28lbs by New Year. Can they do it?

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Things we reference this time:

  • We started this time with a confession from an old favourite of ours, Luglass Douglass who wrote to ask forgiveness for a couple of things and shares his thoughts on many topics we’ve discussed. He thinks Tom Baker would make a good Prime Minister. Promoting Dan to speculate whether he was still alive, you can relax, he is.
  • We had another email from DigitalHistoryDeletedByAClick who gives us an American politics 101. He tells us about Bernie Sanders and AOC (OCA as Caz keeps calling her, sometimes even OCR, she keeps mixing it up).
  • We then got more US political feedback from Reg, and some nice words about the podcast. Thanks Reg!
  • Dan looked up some of the meanings for the many mispronunciations of AOC that Caz makes. OCR is the text recognition thing on scanners and OCA is the Oxfordshire Cricket Association. Don’t rule them out at the next US election hehe 🙂
  • Caz shocked some friends recently with a controversial Brexit opinion… (sound of drinks being dropped).
  • A long discussion of the current British situation (comedy, it feels like a sit-com) right now. Along with talk about Boris Johnson. Chief buffoon in charge right now.
  • Both our heroes are making some lifestyle changes at the moment. Caz is going to attempt to get up at 5am every day (WHY?!) and join something called the 5 O’Clock Teachers Club. Apparently it gives you more time to get stuff done. #teacher5oclockclub is a thing on Twitter it seems. Dan hates mornings and is skeptical.
  • Caz is also going through the process of downsizing her life, or minimising the stuff she owns to put it more accurately. Minimalistic Lifestyle. This is another popular movement at the moment. It leads to a discussion of #VanLife which is becoming popular.
  • Dan discusses his new strict diet and an attempt to lose 28lbs (that’s about 12.7 kg) by New Year. #ThinLife well… slightly less fat life maybe. He is doing a calorie counting thing and has discovered once you start looking properly that those fuckers are everywhere.

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