025 – Five Stars Please

Episode 25 and our heroes return with thoughts all sorts of things. Including: Orphan Black, Carnival Row, the Royal wee (Her Majesty’s toilet habits), metaphysical movies, social media in general and plenty of other random things.

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Things we reference this time:

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    • search "unattested" in the iTunes store and this is what you get
      search “unattested” in the iTunes store
    • Caz has an issue with the current “review everything” culture promoted on the Internet. Ironic for a show where we sometimes review things but there you go.
    • Caz mentions Liverpool MakeFest, check it out.
    • Questions that have been rattling around Caroline’s head, possible new section here. How do you know you are who you are? Deep stuff. I sense some Descartes coming on.
    • Caz thanks our previous correspondant PrivacyIsNotOptIn for recommending Orphan Black which she has now binged.
    • Dan has been rewatching some films that have popped up on Netflix such as Blade Runner 2049. He also watched the related anime short Black Out 2022 from the Blade Runner universe.
    • Dan also rewatched Wonder Woman and blubbed like a baby at certain parts. Great film.
    • He also tried to watch The Mummy (the Tom Cruise one) after Caz said it was “alright” and had to turn it off after half an hour.
    • Dan rounds up some TV stuff he’s been watching: Titans season 2 has started, The Deuce season 3 has also started. Ballers season 5 is in full swing and looking good.
    • Dan watched a series called This Way Up from Channel 4. It’s written by and stars Aisling Bea the Irish comedian.
    • Both our heroes watched Mindhunter season 2 and share some thoughts on it.
    • Dan tells us how he managed to watch episode 7 of Carnival Row before the others (facepalm).
    • Caz didn’t enjoy Carnival Row as much as she’d expected and quit after 3 episodes. She does however recommend The Magicians on Prime Video instead.
    • Dan watched The Spy from Netflix and was really impressed by Sasha Baron-Cohen’s acting in a serious role. Not something we see him do much.
    • Dan is also reading The Boys omnibus edition, inspired to get back into the comics by the amazing TV series. Plus he’s still listening to Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman and enjoying it.
    • Caz started watching The Dark Crystal series from Netflix but couldn’t really get into it.
    • Caz has been having a bit of a Christopher Nolan binge with Inception, Memento and The Prestige. Some of her favourite films.
    • Caz started watching Jack Whitehall’s Travels With My Father but concluded it was a poor version of An Idiot Abroad really.
    • At this point Dan recommends The Misadventures Of Romesh Ranganathan as a good alternative and his first travel series Asian Provocateur.
    • Book talk! Caz mentioned Ben Arranovich in the past and now she’s onto his book False Values. On her to read list is Rights Of Spring, a book about World War II, she also mentions a Guardian series on Masculinity and how it’s changed today.
    • Caz also mentions the series 13 Reasons Why and asks for listener opinions, is anyone watching it?
    • She also plans to watch I-Land, a new series just released.
    • Coming soon with Caz:
  • Caz also wanted to mention Kathy Burke’s All Woman series which she watched recently.
  • This leads into a discussion about social media and identity online, how everything seems fake these days.
  • Somehow this leads Dan to mention the 80s pop sensations Five Star just as our heroes sign off

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