024 – Human-Monkey Hybrids

On episode 24 Caz and Dan discuss human-monkey hybrid clones and ask the important question… if you had to be half animal which would it be and why? Also, if you were the King or Queen of Westeros who would you choose as your partner? Tough one. They also discuss a lot of films, TV and more as usual.

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Things we reference this time:

  • Our heroes discuss a plan they’ve hatched to make the show weekly instead of fortnightly. Thoughts welcome on this through the usual feedback channels
  • Caz give a recap of the last show “previously on…”
  • The idea of having guests on the show is also discussed. Again, thoughts welcome. Applications maybe? Hehe 🙂
  • This episode we cover all of the stuff Caz has been watching in the last few weeks so buckle up.
  • Caz binged season 2 of Mindhunter and enjoyed it very much.
  • She also watched the new Invader ZIM film on Netflix, one of her all time favourite things. She loves Jhonen Vasquez and we discussed JTHM on the very first podcast.
  • Invader Zim
    FOOLS! Zim is back!
  • We have a long discussion on ZIM and Caz also mentions The Bad Art Collection.
  • Caz then moves on to tell us about a Netflix series called Diagnosis – sadly not daytime TV fodder Diagnosis Murder which is a different thing – this covers real life medical mysteries. Dr Lisa Rogers is the inspiration for House and her regular New York Times diagnosis column is very well respected.
  • Caz watched a film called Time Trap. A strange little film that contains one of the most scientifically accurate depictions of time travel.
  • Plans have been announced for a new Matrix film with Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss returning. No mention of Lawrence Fishburne yet but you have to think Morpheus will show up.
  • Caz has been watching other Keanu Reeves films in preparation and came across one called Replicas.
  • This prompts a discussion about cloning in general, Dolly The Sheep, Human-monkey hybrids and monkeys with 4 asses. A South Park tribute there., good old Dr Mephisto.
  • Apparently the first human-monkey hybrid project was just aborted before the embryo was brought to term but it is viable. That doesn’t sound worrying does it?!
  • Caz mentions the film The Vampire’s Assistant and this leads to a discussion of the idea of “freak shows” is that really cool these days? We doubt it.
  • Caz watched the cartoon series Castlevania on Netflix, based on the classic Nintendo game.
  • This prompts Dan to mention that a new He-Man series has been announced for Netflix which will be animated by the same people. Also Kevin Smith is the show runner and main creative lead which is interesting.
  • There will also be a new Masters Of The Universe film in the next year or two.
  • Caz has been on a classic film binge. She’s watched Dr Zhivago recently and wants your suggestions of other classics to watch.
  • Dan mentions the famous (not) film “Clive Of India” like an idiot, when of course he was thinking of Lawrence Of Arabia, doh!
  • Things then get political as Caz mentions the US Democratic nomination race. She’s been watching a lot of stuff about Bernie Sanders. This leads to a long political discussion during which Dan wrongly claims The Rock is a republican, he used to be but has apparently given that up now. Don’t hit me Rock I’m sorry!
  • Coming Soon With Caz… she tells us about cool things due out soon:
  • We then have a discussion on if you were the King or Queen of Westeros, who would you pick out of that world as your partner to rule with? Caz is quite keen on Tryian Lanister. Dan misunderstands the rules and thinks he has to pick a man, so goes with Bron Of The Blackwater or possibly The Onion Knight. Then realises he can pick a woman so says Breane Of Tarth.
  • Our heroes discuss the Disney/Sony Spiderman fall out.
  • There is also some chat about the fan theory that Stan Lee’s cameos in the MCU could really be Old Man Cap popping up keeping an eye on his buddies.
  • We had an email from PrivacyIsNotOptIn suggesting 2 shows for Caz to watch, Orphan Black and Utopia. She is going to watch Orphan Black but has already seen Utopia, in fact both our heroes watched that when it was on CH4 a few years ago.
  • They also recommend The Day The Universe Changed with James Burke.

  • Right that’s your lot, so as we say in Liverpool… do one will ya! But before you do please remember to send us your thoughts, feelings, complaints, confessions or anything else to unattestedpod@gmail.com or use the anonymous form on the website.Now get out of our shop! ….and please come again 😉