022 – Vampire Tax Arrangements

Two little ducks… it’s 22. Sorry, you know we can’t resist the bingo calls. This time our heroes try (and fail) to chat up Dan’s Google Home speaker, chat through a metric buttload of geeky news from San Diego Comic-Con, argue about Vampire banking arrangements, do they pay tax? Plus plenty more randomness. Enjoy!

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Things we reference this time:

  • Dan and Caz discuss the mythical world of Pod Land, at least as it exists in Dan’s curious mind anyway.
  • Our heroes then attempt to chat up Dan’s Google Home speaker but predictably it has no effect. This brings us onto a discussion of having listening devices in your home. Should we be more paranoid?! Pass the tin foil
  • We mention Mycroft which is an Open Source alternative to Alexa, Siri or Google Home but Caz is adamant she still wouldn’t have one in her home.
  • Caz feels more comfortable with Disney as evil overlords than Google, Dan doesn’t think it makes any difference but is certainly no fan of Disney. To illustrate their shittiness he presents the recent story of Disney’s refusal to allow the image of Spiderman to be used on the grave of a 4 year old who died of a rare disease.
  • A shot of San Diego Comic-Con, it's massive!!
    San Diego Comic-Con is MASSIVE!
  • Finally we arrive at the point of this episode, a TON of geek news from San Diego Comic-con. Which was dominated by Marvel, a Disney company… see there is a link even if it’s tenuous. Here comes a breakdown of Marvel’s Phase 4 releases:
  • The Black Widow stand-alone film is due in May 2020.
  • The Eternals movie is due in November 2020 and it hasn’t even started production properly yet that we know of. The cast looks phenomenal but Caz is curious to see how Angelina Jolie will fit into the usually more comedic or light hearted MCU.
  • Shang-Chi & The Legend Of The 10 Rings is due in February 2021. Not a character either of our heroes know much about other than he was created in an attempt to cash in on the popularity of kung fu films in the 1970s.
  • Thor: Love And Thunder will be released in November 2021. With Taika Waititi returning to direct and Natalie Portman playing Jane Foster as the female Thor which could be amazing.
  • Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness will be with us in May of 2021 and it’s being pitched as Marvel’s first fully blown horror film. Respected Horror director Scott Derrikson is returning to direct. The film will also feature Scarlet Witch apparently.
  • There will finally be a new Blade film as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Merhersala Ali playing the Daywalker himself. Amazing casting and we can’t wait.
  • There will also be a slew of new Disney+ streaming TV shows that weave into the films, so let’s break those down:
  • First up it’s Falcon & The Winter Soldier which seems an odd combination. Apparently the story will centre around the fight to succeed Steve Rogers as Captain America with Sam Wilson seen as the natural choice, (Cap’s own choice in fact) but the government is not happy about it.
  • WandaVision – A series about Scarlet Witch that will lead into the Dr Strange film but at the moment we know almost next to nothing about it.
  • What If?! – An animated series which will show alternative versions of stories and characters we know in the same way the comic did. So for example a chance to see what would have happened if Peggy Carter had become Captain America instead of Steve Rogers.
  • The Loki series is also on it’s way.
  • There will even be a Hawkeye series which I’m not sure anyone ever asked for. They say it will introduce the Kate Bishop Hawkeye though and that would be cool.
  • Caz is please that Marvel have hired their first female director for Black Widow. This has been widely publicised and it’s long overdue but Dan reminds us of the little publicised Punisher: War Zone film from 2008. It was pretty much a straight to DVD thing sadly but was officially pulled into the MCU afterwards (like Hulk) and Kevin Feige definitely had a hand in it. Lexi Alexander directed that so should probably be acknowledged as the first female Marvel director. Regardless of that, it’s still amazing it’s taken us 10 years to get another one. Sort it out Hollywood!!
  • It’s not all Marvel news though, despite what people think, DC did make a bit of a showing at Comic-con and had some interesting announcements. Mostly to do with the Greg Berlanti CW shows that continue to expand and do really well for them. This year they are doing the Infinite Crisis storyline from the comics as a big crossover between all the CW shows called Crisis On Infinite Earths. They will even pull in Black Lightning which had previously been left out on it’s own.
  • Brandon Routh is suiting up as Superman again for the Infinite Crisis crossover. He normally plays Ray Palmer in the Arrow-verse but this multiple universe/time travelling mash up means they can also have his Superman from the movie come in.
  • Actor Brandon Routh reveals a Superman shirt at Comic-con
  • The Batwoman series starring Ruby Rose is due out very soon and will be part of these crossovers.
  • The DC Universe streaming service has had some great original content with Doom Patrol, Titans and Swamp Thing and that’s set to continue… well apart from Swamp Thing sadly which was cancelled before it was even screened due to the cost of the set and general production apparently.
  • Exciting news for all the Trekies from Comic-con as the trailer for the new series Picard dropped and it looks amazing. Although why do they keep Data in a drawer? That seems a bit disrespectful. Looks like it will be good when it arrives.
  • Dan stumbled across the news that there is a new Lost Boys TV show in development, based on the iconic 80s vampire film. Not sure how it will work in today’s world but it’s being made by Rob Thomas who made iZombie some other good stuff. Fingers crossed!
  • Somehow talk then turns to a big vampire discussion. What kind of vampire would you be? Who’s your favourite vampire from popular culture? How do Vampires manage their money? We get our teeth into all these important questions and more, vampire style!
  • Caz mentions the horror series Penny Dreadful which is a few years old now but well worth a watch if that’s your cup of tea.

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