017 – Dragon Superkings

We’re back with episode 17 and this time we discover how mild-mannered Dan is more revenge motivated than Caz, which will shock a few people. We also have plenty of feedback to discuss from your good selves. There’s geekery galore with GoT, Avengers and more. Please contribute your own thoughts to the discussion by emailing unattestedpod@gmail.com or using the simple form on the website, you know you want to 😉

Things we reference this time:

      • Dan mentions British comedian and 80s staple Frank Sidebottom because of his cold. He doesn’t have a giant papier mache head though.
      • Email from N about bin juice, Mark Thomas has suggested it as a definition for the word Farage. After Nigel Farage. It even came with a bumper sticker.
      • We had an anonymous email about Suicide Squad XXX: An Axl Braun Parody.  Not a film we know but like the emailer we suspect it might be better than the real Suicide Squad turned out to be.
      • John McKerrell emailed his thoughts on Avengers: Endgame and multiple universes. Dan mentions that the prime Marvel universe in the comics is Earth-616 so this theory does fit with that.
      • Pete The Sheet on Twitter asks what the mechanism is for returning the soul stone to Red Skull anyway? Do the sacrifices come back? It’s confusing.
      • Dan reads the story of one man’s crazy 7 month long quest to get revenge on a troll who spoiled Infinity War for him.
      • Our heroes then discuss revenge films and why they’re so popular. Not just films but novels and more throughout history.
      • During the revenge film discussion Dan mentions The Crow and the tragic circumstances around it that lead to Brandon Lee’s death on set.
      • Dan mentions the mythical Curse of Bruce Lee which has spawned many documentaries and this leads onto The Curse Of Superman.
      • This leads to a discussion on superstition. Not the song.
      • Caz mentions the series The Story Of God with Morgan Freeman on Netflix.
      • Our heroes discuss what films get into your head and make you wonder. For Caz it’s Inception and Being John Malkovich, for Dan it’s The Matrix.
      • Caz mentions the film Idiocracy which is a classic and Dan recommends another Mike Judge film called Office Space. If you don’t know them you have to fix that.
      • The discussion moves to Game Of Thrones and recent developments there.
      • Caz works us through the many, many, MANY conspiracy theories. Dan is bamboozled by it all.
      • A discussion of where the North begins prompts Dan to mention one of his favourite books Pies And Prejudice by Stuart Maconie.
      • Our heroes ask for your input on the issue of North V South and the differences between people from the two.
      • Finally Dan squeezes in a quick mention of the new Swamp Thing TV series coming out very soon, exciting!

  • Right that’s your lot, so as we say in Liverpool… do one will ya! But before you do please remember to send us your thoughts, feelings, complaints, confessions or anything else to unattestedpod@gmail.com or use the anonymous form on the website.Now get out of our shop! ….and please come again ;-)