013 – Prickly Showers Of Love

It’s episode 13 and this time we’re back into the confessions, or drunken stories anyway. We also answer crucial questions such as: what is a Baker’s Dozen? How far can a porcupine pee? Where would you get 1.5 million bats from? There’s also dodgy Golem impressions, Universal monsters and plenty of random geekiness. Contribute your own thoughts by emailing unattestedpod@gmail.com you know you want to 😉

Things we reference this time:

  • Dan calls episode 13 a Baker’s Dozen, what the hell is that?
  • Caz has been watching American Gods, neither of us have read the book
  • Caz is also watching and liking The Order
  • Dan went to a gig by New York acapella group Naturally 7 and was blown away. They’re really good.
  • DC plans to release 1.5 million live bats to celebrate 80 years of Batman
  • Alan Rickman was originally signed up to be Lister in Red Dwarf
  • Caz watched Larry Charles’ Dangerous World Of Comedy
  • Dan is officially in love with Doom Patrol and forced Caz to watch it. Caz finished Titans which is directly linked to Doom Patrol and even has a crossover episode. She recommends it.
  • Both our heroes watched a little New Zealand comedy film called The Breaker Upperers which is a great black comedy. They also watched I Feel Pretty with Amy Schumer.
  • Caz watched Dirty John on Netflix.
  • Our friend Alex got our hopes up on Twitter that he was going to answer our favourite Alien question but didn’t… then later did about 2 minutes after we’d finished recording. We’ll have to talk about that next time now.
  • We have three drunken tales of youth from BazzaWill, our Aussie correspondent. He also tells us he’s reading The Expanse series and loves it, he didn’t like the new Firefly novels. He has been watching Preacher after being reminded by our show, he also enjoyed the movie Venom a lot.
  • Bazza’s story reminds Dan of the song Wandering Star off the classic Portishead album Dummy.
  • Our heroes discuss robbing road signs and other things while drunk, plus give an honourable mention to one of our favourite correspondents Lugless Douglass. Let us know how you’re doing Lugless!
  • Dan shares a couple of horrific drinking stories before Caz turns the conversation to porcupine projectile pissing, which they apparently do as foreplay?!
  • Photo of a slightly angry looking porcupine
    Have you seen the cigarettes?
  • Caz watched a film about Mary Shelley
  • Our heroes discuss the classic Universal Monsters and find some surprising members in the line up according to Wikipedia. Including Gorilla Girl (also known as Paula apparently) and a rather ghoulish depiction of The Phantom Of The Opera…
  • photo of Lon Chaney from 1925
    Lon Chaney as The Phantom Of The Opera (1925)
  • Not at all like the Andrew Lloyd Webber one, or Michael Lloyd Webber as Dan prefers to call him 😀
  • The aborted plans for a Universal Monsters cinematic universe like the MCU are discussed. The films Dracula Untold and The Mummy didn’t exactly go down well. The list of other characters who were already cast as big stars is crazy though.
  • Caz mentions Alan Moore’s League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen which is a classic.

Right that’s your lot, so as we say in Liverpool… do one will ya! But before you do please remember to send us your thoughts, feelings, complaints, confessions or anything else to unattestedpod@gmail.com or use the anonymous form on the website.

Now get out of our shop! ….and please come again 😉