003 – Dude Where’s My Batmobile?

Just when you thought it was safe… here we come again, albeit after a little 17 day break. We’ve been busy OK and we make no apologies for that, but we did miss you… especially you in the red shirt… you know who you are… call us 😉 In this episode we discuss the many inconsistencies of the Marvel movie franchise, sabotaging other people’s motorbikes, how to stop a skateboard with your face, why Batman would never misplace his car and much much more. Enjoy!

Things we reference:

  • Fab wrote to tell us how he relates to Nick Sax from Happy! which is on Netflix, great series, well worth a watch.
  • Dan mentioned The Commitments, Howard Marks, JLA: Rock Of Ages by Grant Morrison and more. Seriously check out his other work such as Arkham Asylum and Doom Patrol to name just two, the dude is a genius.
  • Caz is watching ALL the Marvel movies in order and wonders about the lack of female directors?!
  • Dan suggests Punisher: War Zone by Lexi Alexander as a female directed Marvel film. Dan wrongly said Lexi was half Israeli… she’s half Arabic… soooo… nothing contentious about that hey?
  • The Charles Bronson film series neither of our heroes could remember is Death Wish of course!
  • Dan & Caz’s guilty TV pleasure is Insatiable from Netflix, it’s really good and very sexy, but it’s OK as the actress playing Patty is 25, much to Dan’s relief.
  • You can see everything Dan is watching on his Trakt.tv profile page.
  • Caz is learning to skateboard and needs some body armour like this.
  • Dan can’t rap but he does love Hip Hop! Like the following track…

Keep dancing people, dance like nobody is watching, you beautiful maniac you.

Now get out of our shop! ….and please come again 😉