001 – Equal Opportunities Agnostic

Welcome to the first ever episode of Tales Of The Unattested. A podcast where the truth is paramount. In this show we explain a bit about who we are, discuss the best funerals we’ve ever been to, marvel at the joys of liquid presence and much more.

At the time of recording we had no website or email set up. Luckily we’ve fixed that now. So if you want to send us an anonymous confession, story or comment, please do! We want to hear them.

You can head to – http://unattested.podfactory.org/confess

Also subscribe to the show via one of the handy widgets around the site. We don’t know exactly when we’ll release shows but the joy of podcasts is that doesn’t matter. It’s quantum baby! … ok it’s really just RSS but shhh, don’t cheapen this 🙂

Things we reference in this show:

Oh hell yeah!

How Dan answers a simple yes/no question. Stewart Lee – Channel 4