014 – Another Nazi Binge

Episode 14 is here and we’re into our awkward teenage years, we’re falling into Nazi binges while discussing The Matrix 20th birthday, Batman suing a Spanish football club, some listener feedback, a drunken confession, the Queen’s secret super powers (laser eyes we think) and how you never see Captain Birdseye about in the post-Operation Yew Tree world, we’re just saying… Please contribute your own thoughts to the discussion by emailing unattestedpod@gmail.com or using the very simple form on the website, you know you want to 😉

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013 – Prickly Showers Of Love

It’s episode 13 and this time we’re back into the confessions, or drunken stories anyway. We also answer crucial questions such as: what is a Baker’s Dozen? How far can a porcupine pee? Where would you get 1.5 million bats from? There’s also dodgy Golem impressions, Universal monsters and plenty of random geekiness. Contribute your own thoughts by emailing unattestedpod@gmail.com you know you want to 😉

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012 – Flammable Or Not?

Your favourite not-so-superheroes are back, and this time there’s no shirking those important questions we all ask ourselves on a daily basis. Is latex flammable? What about spandex? Who loves DC’s Titans more Caz or Dan? Does any animal have 11 legs? Which character should Marvel make a stage musical about to finally claim their EGOT?! Am I a man or a muppet?! Get the answers to all these… and if you think we’re wrong tell us! You can contribute your own answers by emailing unattestedpod@gmail.com you know you want to 😉

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